Bali Hostels for Digital Nomads

Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia, maybe because it offers the perfect balance of work and fun, from pagodas, waterfalls, beach, rice fields and surf.

Find a curated list of short-term accommodation, pool villas or monthly rentals in Bali suitable for digital nomads, remote workers and expats.

Best areas to stay: Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Ubud, and Canggu.

Nomad Score: 9/10 ・ Cost of living: $960/month ・ Internet speed: 20 Mbps

Travel Guide to Bali for Digital Nomads

Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods, is a popular destination for digital nomads looking for a balance of work and relaxation. With its beautiful beaches, lush tropical landscapes, and vibrant culture, Bali offers something for everyone.

First and foremost, it's important to note that Bali is a highly tourist-populated island and can be quite crowded during peak season. The best time to visit Bali for digital nomads is during the shoulder seasons, between April and June or September and November, when the weather is still warm and comfortable, but the crowds are much smaller.

Accommodation in Bali can range from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury villas. Popular areas for digital nomads to stay in include Canggu, Ubud, and Seminyak. Canggu is a coastal town known for its surf culture and is home to many coworking spaces, cafes, and restaurants. Ubud is a more traditional and cultural area, with many yoga studios, healthy food options and a beautiful jungle setting. Seminyak is a more upscale area with a variety of private pool villas, restaurants, bars and beach clubs.

When it comes to coworking spaces, Bali has a growing number of options for digital nomads. Some popular spaces include Outpost in Canggu, Dojo in Canggu and Hubud in Ubud. These spaces offer a variety of amenities including high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a community of like-minded individuals.

When you're not working, Bali offers a variety of activities to explore, including:

  • Surfing: Bali is a surfer's paradise, with some of the best waves in the world. Canggu and Uluwatu are popular spots for surfers of all skill levels.
  • Yoga: Bali is known for its yoga scene, and you'll find plenty of studios offering daily classes. Ubud is particularly well-known for its yoga scene.
  • Temples: Bali is home to many beautiful temples, including Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, and Besakih Temple.
  • Beaches: Bali has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including Kuta, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua.
  • Food: Bali offers a wide variety of delicious food options, from traditional Indonesian dishes to international cuisine. Some popular local dishes include nasi goreng, mie goreng, and sate.
  • Shopping: Bali is known for its unique shops and markets, where you can find everything from handmade crafts to designer clothing.

When it comes to transportation, Bali has a variety of options, including scooters, cars, and public transport. Scooters are a popular choice among digital nomads, as they are relatively inexpensive to rent and offer the freedom to explore the island at your own pace.

Finally, it's important to note that Bali has a different culture and customs, so it's important to be respectful of the local way of life. This includes dressing modestly when visiting temples, not touching or pointing your feet towards statues or other religious objects and being mindful of your surroundings.

Overall, Bali is a great destination for digital nomads looking for a balance of work and play. With its beautiful beaches, lush tropical landscapes, and vibrant culture, Bali offers something for everyone. With a growing number of coworking spaces and a variety of activities to explore, Bali is a great place to live and work while on the road.